Top Performing Insider

What returns do insiders achieve with their trading? We presents a compilation of the most successful insider trades. Here you will find a curated, constantly updated list of insider trades that stand out for their exceptional performance.

After 3 months

Levinson, Sam Sonida Senior Living 251.6%
Barlev, Tuvia Actelis Networks 185.7%
Smith, Stan MAIA Biotechnology 169.2%
Louie, Ngar Yee MAIA Biotechnology 169.2%
Guerrero, Ramiro MAIA Biotechnology 169.2%
Luput, Cristian MAIA Biotechnology 169.2%
Chaouki, Steven M. MAIA Biotechnology 169.2%
Ayele, Wouleta Sweetgreen 157.7%
Ohayer, Matthew Vital Farms Inc 156.0%
Elam, Nevan C. Rezolute 139.9%

After 6 months

Ryan, Jason GeneDx Holdings 1,449.8%
22nw, Lp STRATA Skin Sciences 845.7%
Maggiore, Christopher D. Zivo Bioscience 699.0%
Lesovitz, Christopher STRATA Skin Sciences 657.0%
Moccia, Robert Joseph STRATA Skin Sciences 652.5%
Gov, Shmuel STRATA Skin Sciences 578.3%
Henry, David A. Myomo 568.3%
Gudonis, Paul R. Myomo 436.0%
Cui, Xiangmin Alpine Immune Sciences 419.5%
Decheng Capital Global Healthcare Fund (Master), Lp Alpine Immune Sciences 419.5%

After 12 months

Simon, Mark Cabaletta Bio 1,269.4%
Marda, Anup Cabaletta Bio 1,252.3%
Binder, Gwendolyn Cabaletta Bio 1,249.2%
Gudonis, Paul R. Myomo 1,115.4%
Henry, David A. Myomo 1,115.4%
Nichtberger, Steven Cabaletta Bio 1,112.3%
Perceptive Advisors LLC Acrivon Therapeutics 655.2%
Mellinger, Douglas K. Marathon Digital Holdings 607.0%
Thiel, Frederick G. Marathon Digital Holdings 599.2%
Vecchiarelli, Gary Anthony CleanSpark 568.0%
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