Vertex Pharmaceuticals


Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an American biopharmaceutical company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was one of the first biotech firms to use an explicit strategy of rational drug design rather than combinatorial chemistry. It maintains headquarters in South Boston, Massachusetts, and three res …

Insider trades and stock quote 2022-2024

All insider trades at Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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6/12/2024 SellAtkinson, Edward Morrow III. EVP, Chief Technical Ops. Off. $478.0 $3,483,664
6/12/2024 SellBozic, Carmen EVP and CMO $478.0 $1,089,840
6/3/2024 SellTatsis, Ourania EVP, Chief Reg. & Quality Off. $460.0 $1,000,500
6/3/2024 SellWagner, Charles F Jr EVP & Chief Financial Officer $460.0 $1,495,000
5/31/2024 SellTatsis, Ourania EVP, Chief Reg. & Quality Off. $445.0 $1,001,250
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