Square Co., Ltd. was a Japanese video game company founded in September 1986 by Masafumi Miyamoto. It merged with Enix in 2003 to form Square Enix. The company also used SquareSoft as a brand name to refer to their games, and the term is occasionally used to refer to the company itself. In addition, …

Insider trades and stock quote 2019-2021

All insider trades at Square

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10/13/2021 SellHenry, Alyssa Seller Lead $241.4 $2,420,751
10/7/2021 SellDale, Ajmere Chief Accounting Officer $250.0 $125,000
10/7/2021 SellGrassadonia, Brian Cash App Lead $248.7 $4,888,852
10/6/2021 SellAhuja, Amrita Chief Financial Officer $240.5 $200,295
10/4/2021 SellAhuja, Amrita Chief Financial Officer $228.9 $929,517
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