Hormel Foods


Hormel Foods Corporation is an American company founded in 1891 in Austin, Minnesota, by George A. Hormel as George A. Hormel & Company. Originally focusing on the packaging and selling of ham, Spam, sausage and other pork, chicken, beef and lamb products to consumers; by the 1980s, Hormel began off …

Insider trades and stock quote 2021-2023

All insider trades at Hormel Foods

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9/6/2023 BuyLilly, Pierre M. SVP & CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER $37.3 $54,153
6/13/2023 SellOurada, Mark J. GROUP VICE PRESIDENT $41.0 $377,200
6/8/2023 SellCoffey, Mark A. GROUP VICE PRESIDENT $40.5 $1,271,700
6/8/2023 SellMyers, Kevin L. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT $40.5 $210,668
4/3/2023 SellMurano, Elsa A. Director $40.5 $243,000
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