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Guidewire Software, Inc., commonly Guidewire, is an American software company based in San Mateo, California. It offers an industry platform for property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers in the U.S. and worldwide.The company has been cited as being among the 50 most desirable mid-size Bay Area …

Insider trades and stock quote 2019-2021

All insider trades at Guidewire Software

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3/18/2021 SellHung, Priscilla President & COO $101.9 $335,244
3/18/2021 SellPolelle, Michael Chief Delivery Officer $102.6 $131,674
3/18/2021 SellRyu, Marcus Director $102.0 $537,556
3/18/2021 SellCooper, Jeffrey Elliott Chief Financial Officer $102.6 $85,491
3/16/2021 SellRyu, Marcus Director $106.4 $206,264
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