FactSet Research Systems


FactSet Research Systems Inc., trading as FactSet, is a financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. The company provides integrated data and software. For fiscal year 2019, FactSet's total ASV and professional services revenues were $1.48 billion.FactSet …

Insider trades and stock quote 2020-2022

All insider trades at FactSet Research Systems

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8/1/2022 SellSnow, Frederick Philip Chief Executive Officer $424.9 $1,062,300
7/8/2022 SellReeve, Jonathan EVP, Head of CTS $401.6 $134,519
7/1/2022 SellSnow, Frederick Philip Chief Executive Officer $384.5 $961,350
6/28/2022 SellJordan, Sheila B. Director $391.2 $1,006,038
6/24/2022 SellZimmel, Joseph Director $390.6 $390,620
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