Eagle Materials


Eagle Materials Inc. is a producer of building materials based in Dallas, Texas. The company produces cement, concrete, construction aggregate, gypsum, wallboard, paperboard, and sand for hydraulic fracturing.The company operates 7 cement plants, 1 slag grinding facility, 17 cement distribution term …

Insider trades and stock quote 2019-2021

All insider trades at Eagle Materials

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4/6/2021 SellHaack, Michael President and CEO $137.8 $1,364,986
3/15/2021 SellHaack, Michael President & CEO $132.8 $1,453,417
3/8/2021 SellWentzel, Steven L. President (American Gypsum) $129.4 $388,320
3/5/2021 SellStewart, Richard Ross Director $125.1 $437,096
2/24/2021 SellGraass, James H. EVP & General Counsel $126.0 $1,069,992
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