Consolidated Edison


Consolidated Edison, Inc., commonly known as Con Edison (stylized as conEdison) or ConEd, is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, with approximately $12 billion in annual revenues as of 2017, and over $48 billion in assets. The company provides a wide range of ene …

Insider trades and stock quote 2020-2022

All insider trades at Consolidated Edison

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11/1/2022 BuyCawley, Timothy Chairman, President & CEO $88.0 $7,042
10/31/2022 BuyCawley, Timothy Chairman, President, CEO $88.0 $2,316
10/31/2022 BuyDonnley, Deneen L. SVP and General Counsel $88.0 $2,313
10/31/2022 BuyHoglund, Robert N. SVP & CFO $88.0 $2,315
10/31/2022 BuyKetschke, Matthew President CECONY $88.0 $111
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