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Deutsche Börse AG (German pronunciation:) or the Deutsche Börse Group, is a marketplace organizer for the trading of shares and other securities. It is also a transaction services provider. It gives companies and investors access to global capital markets. It is a joint stock company and was founded …

Insider trades and stock quote 2022-2024

All insider trades at Deutsche Börse

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6/3/2024 BuyBöhm, Dr. Christoph Officer €182.9 €885,732
6/3/2024 BuyBook, Dr. Thomas Officer €182.9 €867,988
6/3/2024 BuyWeimer, Dr. Theodor Officer €182.9 €2,726,160
6/3/2024 BuyLeithner, Dr. Stephan Officer €182.9 €964,208
6/3/2024 BuyPottmeyer, Gregor Officer €182.9 €1,591,830
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