Automatic Data Processing


Automatic Data Processing, Inc., commonly known as ADP, is an American provider of human resources management software and services.

Insider trades and stock quote 2020-2022

All insider trades at Automatic Data Processing

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8/8/2022 SellD'ambrosio, Christopher Corp. VP $249.7 $74,401
8/8/2022 SellWeinstein, Donald Corporate VP $250.0 $2,537,500
7/5/2022 SellBlanchard, Augusto J. Corp VP $210.6 $119,433
5/9/2022 SellD'ambrosio, Christopher Corp. VP $214.1 $66,789
4/5/2022 SellDyson, Deborah L. Corp. VP $234.6 $653,691
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